{::Lauren::} (dzellezn) wrote,

me and effe rule the universe

elle:hey stef!

stef: hey elle!

elle:so you just got your new national id card yesterday right?

stef: UGH! Yeah but guess what? I already lost it.

elle: Stef! How'd you do that?

stef: well, i dont have anything special to put it in, it must have fallen out of my pocket...how do you keep your on you on all times? you lose EVERYTHING!

Elle: well, look at this! i have a personalized swarovski crystallized special edition national id holder!

stef: lucky! can i have yours?

elle: no, silly, its personalized! however, we can go to shopswarovski.com and pick you up one for 155 dollars, but 200 with personalization.

stef: lets go right now, so i will never lose my national id card again.

Lauren: because every girl wants to be identified with swarovski!
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