{::Lauren::} (dzellezn) wrote,

school is cool

so i've actually been applying myself latley, and school has been cool.

I did the most amazing powerpoint for my group presentation and I am going to get an A.

I got a 96% on my math test, which brings my test average back up to an 87!

My nutrition test that I forgot about today got postponned until Tuesday, amazing.

and I am staying here over the summer.
I need to take bio 101 and some more journalism/fashion classes so that I wont graduate so late... at most I want to be a 5 year senior, not 5 1/2.

I am failing meteorology, but its ok, I am taking bio instead of it, and taking it in the summer... it is just sad becuase I cant drop it, and it is going to accect my GPA big time.

i am going to Ferris this weekend for DZ initiation!! yay!! I didnt even get to meet all of the baby turtles last time I was there, and now I get to see them become actives =) I miss all fo you girls so much! Just looking at pictures of yall this semester makes me sooo sad!

I have to be back here Sunday to go to the DZ sisterhood at the skating rink! I am kind of excited about that, because it is skating!!!!

I skated with Stef last weekend when she came to visit me and we went through every single level from beginner to freestyle 3. It was amusing, and hard!! I attempted a salchow for a half hour, and still never really eventually got it, or did, but it looked like crap! same with the change foot spin... haha!

i look so cute today by the way:
white blouse
black shirt over the blouse
brown belt (trust me)
leo roma jeans
brown glasses
gold dangle necklace
pearl dangle necklace

I have Kabbalah tonight! I love it! I love all the people there, and I love learning about it, it is probably one of the best things I have ever joined. It is kind of cool to have some spirituality in my life. And this red string totally works.

Im making some apperances to some parties tonight! HollER! once i get back from kabbalah, i am going to watch the OC and get ready =)

see yall laterrr!!!
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