{::Lauren::} (dzellezn) wrote,

laguna season 2 has come to an end

Honestly, I am not all that excited about season 3 of Laguna Beach... but then, when I think about it, after the season finale of Season one where I saw Casey and Alex M and Taylor and Jason, I was not excited at all. I thought it was going to be retarted... but now, I love it more than season 1. So therefore, I might like it, even though no season 1 or 2 characters will be in it becuase they dont want a part of it anymore.

However, Lauren's sprinoff, The Hills, is so exciting to me. I love LC so much and I love fashion and its all that combined into one. Even though I will miss Kristin... I loved her. Kristin is such a character that no one in the Hills can replace her... haha.

RIP good Laguna Beach episodes Septmeber 2004- November 2005
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