{::Lauren::} (dzellezn) wrote,

school is going really well.
i am still motivated and i have A's in all my classes!
the semester is 1/4 the way done...
i love that i'm doing so well <3

i got a riase at work
and promoted
i'll be student manager next semester
thats so AWESOME.

I decided to go back to Cedar Point this summer
Yeah I know
...but It will be much better
I will know what to do
and what not to do
and Britney is going too!
Im gonna save my money this time
and not quit early

Valentines day is coming up
no valentine for me
but i bought valentines for my buddies
and im making cupcakes for work

groundhogs day is gonna be amazing
me and kristin and crew=
wearing crowns and mardi gras beads
and ranger dave is gonna dress like a chipmunk
there wasnt a groundhog costume available.

superbowl sunday=yay
im not dancing in the superbowl anymore
cuz they wanted me to practice for a ziliion hours in detroit
i cant do that
so i'll celebrate here
kristin's superbowl party is next saturday
cuz we are weird

my teeth hurt
i refuse to go to the dentist
so i live on painkillers
what a lifestyle!

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