{::Lauren::} (dzellezn) wrote,

i cant believe i let myself do this bad this semster.

i've been blaming it on the whole "i had such a bad semester earlier", which i did... but thats not exactly the whole issue... it might be like part... i did sit at home crying more than i went to class...

im also blaming it on the teachers not having an attendance policy. "why go to class when the notes are on blackboard?" was my excuse, which led me not to get enough oomph out of class discussions which led me to fail tests.

even if i get 100% on the next 4 things in nutrition, including the final, im still going to get a 63%, because of one bad test. one bad test. that just plain ol sucks.

...and then i thought i was really motivated right now becuase i took 4 online tests last night and did good, and did math homework, and im doing very good with my "dieting" and losing aot of weight and such...


i woke up at 11:40 today... 40 minutes after my second class for the day started.


i am so bad at this whole school thing this semester.

i am hoping i will get alot more motivated for next semester after a month break at home.
maybe after a month break away from central, i will actually, GASP, want to come back here and miss it... resulting in a good GPA.

...at least i got an A in gymnastics
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