{::Lauren::} (dzellezn) wrote,

le weekend

so this weekend i drove to ferris for initiation!!! congrats baby turtles! imso glad i got to finally meet all of them, and party with them that night... i never knew i could enjoy ricer rock so much as a junior, lol. i havent been there in soooo long. i also got to hang out with my big alot, which i havent done in forever. her other little sister didnt end up going through with DZ, so we spent alot of extra big/lil time together <3 i also hung out with Dane and we had a mini party with heidi and j-rod, playing mini beeer pong and alot of drinking games and ordered 3 pizzas... then dane passed out and i went to diannas where me and j-rod became amazing "scene it" players vs dianna and darryl. they ended up winning the tournament, but we were awesome too!

thats pretty much it, it was so much fun. i had to catch up on my sleep sunday night and i took a 6 hour nap, lol.

i leave for home tomorrow for 4 days, YESSSSSSSSSSS.

RENT COMES OUT TOMORROW and im going to see it at amc 30 at 10:40 with stef <33333

and alot of skating this weekend, too... to work off the turkey dinners
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